The Best Supplement White Label and Private Label Vendors

The Best Supplement White Label and Private Label Vendors

The secret to success with your own supplement brand is finding the right white label partner. Here’s a list of the best supplement vendors out there:


The market is ripe for individualized sports performance and supplement brands:

  • Big players are losing market share
  • Aggregators like GNC don’t have the power they once had and
  • Consumers are looking for specifics – organic, vegan, key ingredients, etc. 



We all see the noise around Athletic Greens. There’s 50 similar products on the shelves at your local Sprouts–they stood out with value proposition, audience, and tenacity over time. 

This isn’t about knocking off popular products; Everything about supplements is commoditized. It’s about who consumers trust to buy from and what added-value you can give them (bundle with info products, tests to help find the right fit, sustainable approaches, etc). 



The most interesting white label supplement to watch is Supliful, who focus on making products for creators and those with a personal brand who want to leverage their audience (versus helping an entrepreneur launch a brand). They make it dead-easy across categories, including:

  • coffee
  • sports nutrition
  • health
  • nootropics
  • and superfoods

Using Supliful, you never touch a product or inventory, and just see the net profit. Set up a connected store, and customize product with their product catalog. The main value proposition for Supliful is if you have an existing audience, launch in 7 days or less for only $149.

Hat tip to @JamesonCamp who mentioned this on last week’s Tab Talk podcast:




Next up is JW Nutritional, known for protein blends and in particular, those with plenty of other options like vitamins, probiotics, etc. They drop-ship as well, which makes them a great one-stop-shop if you don’t want to hold inventory. 



Vitalabs is great because they have a wide variety of niches already laid out to work from – including halal certified, vegan, etc. Their portfolio spans:

  • vitamins
  • amino acids
  • minerals
  • probiotics
  • and sports nutrition



Tru Body Wellness is an awesome low minimum order quantity (MOQ) option. Starting at 500 units for custom formulations or 100 units for their existing products, with a large catalog of options. 

There are plenty of providers out there, make sure yours has a GMP facility and FDA certification, and the more services they offer (dropshipping, labels, packaging) the better for ease. If you want to get more margin in exchange for your work, you can handle the logistics.

Thanks for reading!

– Oren