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Top 8 Private Label Manufacturers in the Beauty Industry

for Skin, Bath, Hair, and Cosmetic Products

Private label manufacturers in the beauty industry make all of your favorite skin, hair, bath and cosmetic products. They’re also the secret to unlocking a high-margin e-commerce business.

Here’s 8 of the best manufacturers out there, to help get you started.


How to Start Private Label Manufacturing in the Beauty Industry

First— where’s the alpha? Anyone with the gumption and funds can kick off a product in skincare and cosmetics, but to stand out you need:

  • Audience
  • Niche
  • Connections
  • Speed to trend

Speed to trend is the biggest advantage.  Matcha tea, collagen, CBD, charcoal, mushrooms, adaptogens… If you’re early in the wave of incorporating something new into your products, and savvy with search, paid media, or Tik Tok you can make a super successful lean business.

80%+ of the products you see online or in department stores are made by the same 10 or so factories that private label. Basically, factories are taking popular bases of things like makeup, soaps, or shampoos and working with clients to make it just a little bit custom.

This used to mean that you’d simply change an essential oil blend and try new packaging. However, today it can mean incorporating all kinds of experimental new products and fancy custom formulations. 

The supplements world functions the same way…


Partner Brand Options for Manufacturers in the Beauty Industry

Here’s a run down on partner brand options:

YG Labs: An established partner for building an entire brand.
Voyant Beauty: A great solution  for private label hair care.
Mana: Not just a white labeller, but also a brand accelerator that specializes in fast projects for emerging brands. 
Radical Cosmetics: Cosmetics focused, with an emphasis on health conscious and clean beauty products.
Essential Wholesale: A versatile provider, lots of products with custom formulations and modifiable stock.
Smith & Vandiver: Best for skincare and bath with mass production.
Englewood Lab: A high end formulator that’s built for scale – dedicated regulatory compliance and QC teams help their partners go global
Mansfied King: Known for  high end personal care formulations, and offers dedicated multi-cultural options


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