Direct Mail Marketing in 2022 | Product World
Direct Mail Marketing in 2022 | Product World

Direct Mail Marketing in 2022

Direct mail marketing is especially useful for

– Businesses with lots of addresses from existing customers
– Businesses restricted from online advertising
– Local businesses serving specific zip codes

But can be effective for almost any business.

I’ve worked on marketing campaigns for tons of products with restricted advertising methods online, and run direct mail marketing campaigns on almost all of them.

Here’s some top learnings:

a. I’ve found jumbo mailers and fold-outs outperform normal mailers 3:1

b. You can ask mail providers for hand-written addresses for mail in envelopes. This costs more but increases conversion much better (Who doesn’t open a hand addressed letter?)

c. For high-end projects, want to guarantee an open? Send it signature-required. This is a high ticket sales major 🔑 ! You can always get an executive to open a signature-required envelope.

d. Catalogs get REALLY cheap at scale if you negotiate with printers… like sub $1 to print. That’s why you see so many new DTC brands embracing them. They are highly likely to be browsed before being thrown away.

e. Icon (motorcycle gear company) does catalogs that fold out into a poster. I’ve seen these in everything from kids rooms to offices to police lockers. Send posters, build the brand!

f. A/B test call to actions and formats! Treat your mail like you do your digital campaign – use links and CTAs, plus deals from referencing mailer to track ROI.


Thanks for reading. 

– Oren


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