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Top Private Label Coffee Bean and Cold Brew Providers

I wrote a Twitter thread about coffee accessories a few weeks ago. These have a huge opportunity in organic social right now, as do coffee bean and cold brew products.



The #1 question I got after my Twitter thread? “How do I sell actual coffee?” Bingo!

I thought this niche would be too saturated… But after some SEO research, I realized it’s not.

Here’s a list of coffee bean and cold brew providers of different types to help get you started!


Small Run Beans

Gillies Coffee has a minimum order of just 72 units to start.

Plus they have fun packaging options, lots of flavors, and green beans (a nice term for SEO and popular on social).

It’s an easy way to get started, especially if you want to test selling it in-person.



Simple Dropshipping

Dripshipper charges a monthly fee and they take care of everything,

Pick your brew, design your packaging, and they ship and send, with a ton of options.

12oz-5lb bags
12 or 60 pack pods

This is the lowest profit option, but least work and upfront cost.



Versatile Dropshipping

Calioh Coffee offers the whole spectrum of options, and they dropship, too.

– Single origin, fair trade, and decaf
– Bags, k-cups and Nespresso

No monthly fee here, but more time to set up. You need to take this one seriously.



Cold Brew

Custom cold brew concentrates and drinks in wholesale quantities can come from SOS Cold Brew.

They have nitro, bottles, bags of concentrate, you name it, but expect a pretty serious order commitment and some coordination on packaging.



Custom Coffee Beverages

If you want a full CPG product — your favorite alt milk with coffee in a can etc, you’re going to need to go with a full manufacturer and get a custom formulation.

This is easier than ever, and I’d start in Texas with Tex Bev.

They do alcohol, too 👀



With any brand or product, it will be a sliding scale.

The less work you do, the less you make. Dropshipping means you can expect 10-20% margin.

Buying in large bulk, getting custom packaging in bulk, all custom done, you can make closer to 50%, but with a more up-front cost.

The links to all the products I mention are available in a free PDF below!



Thanks for reading.

– Oren


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