Sustainability Needs To Come To Fashion

We’re going to see streetwear radically change as designers lead with sustainability.

Reclaimed garments, collections made of deadstock, it’s all coming. The results are going to be… very sick.

Peep Defective Garments’ hybrid creations below.



Fashionable clothing needs to become sustainable.

Quick facts:

  1. $500b of value is lost yearly from clothing underutilization + lack of recycling
  2. The average American throws away 81lbs of clothing yearly
  3. Fashion accounts for 20-35% of microplastic flows into the ocean

In our current Instagram, Tik Tok, and consumption-driven culture, what’s in vogue is to have a lot of different outfits, to be constantly showing new styles, and we chase the newest drops and styles.

This tide will turn. We may still want hype, but the emphasis can’t be on new.

How Fashion Brands Can Create A Sustainability Revolution

The easy answer to fashion becoming more sustainable is more unique items, and brands that create from what exists versus from scratch. It’s harder and often costlier, but also more unique and likely more valued by the consumer.

Curation, combination and personalization.

Defective Garments is an awesome example of how a brand can create a playbook for this new era. They offer

  • A vintage store of items they find curating
  • One of a kind pieces made from combinations of found items

These items are awesome and sought-after.



Launching a fashion brand based on curation, combination and personalization of vintage/deadstock is a new model for Indie designers who put sustainability first.

It’s also an interesting step for popular sellers on @GraiIed or @depop to take to build their businesses and engage with their community online.


Sustainable fashion means modifying existing pieces as well.

Last year Arcteryx did some creativity sessions with local LA artists. Users could bring vintage pieces and use provided gear and techniques to customize their sustainability ideas.


How Fashion Brands Can Create A Sustainability Revolution | Product World


Facilitation like this helps drive value beyond the initial purchase.

What does it take to trigger a shift in the zeitgeist to be more sustainable?

Popular or couture brands need to see the bigger picture, and bet on their customer’s moral compass.  If it becomes the trend, we’ll see a change in brand direction.

Thanks for reading. See the original Sustainability Needs To Come To Fashion Twitter thread here.

– Oren


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