8 Best Design Sourcebooks for Branding Professionals

Check out these design sourcebooks for inspiration for designers, brand managers, and marketers who want to think outside the traditional box | Product World

My career in branding means I am constantly referring to the best design sourcebooks in branding for inspiration, motivation, and assets I can use.

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The 8 Best Design Sourcebooks I Use

Now, this eclectic collection won’t resonate with everyone, and neither will yours. Just be sure that the sourcebooks you do use really make a difference to you, as these do for me:

The Los Logos/Dos Logos Compilations

The Los Logos/Dos Logos compilations are an inspiring collection of current developments in logo design – a must-have for designers, brand managers, and marketers.

Check out these design sourcebooks for inspiration for designers, brand managers, and marketers who want to think outside the traditional box | Product World

Die Gestalten Verlag

A pattern guide set with source library cd – having the patterns to quickly trace and look at visually or over a physical item is great, and browsing the book over the files when looking at repeating patterns is 10x improved.


If you order off of Alibaba or direct from overseas factories, this is the best reference book! Features detailed information on textiles so you actually know what you’re asking for. Great for understanding what the ups/downs of each individual fabric or polymer is for what you’re creating. Super thorough!

Web Design – The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

This design sourcebook has so many innovative layouts and nostalgic idea inspirations for web experiences and brand identities.

Flower Color Guide

This one might seem strange, but if you’re working on modern brand identities you’re inevitably going to consider “natural” colors in your directions. What better source of natural colors and combinations than nature itself?

Neubau Welt

This design sourcebook comes complete with companion image library of useful vector objects of surprisingly diverse type and quality. A level above stock sites!

Virgil Abloh’s “ARTWORK”

ARTWORK contains tons of sketches and process inspirations from throughout Abloh’s career, with a markedly unique approach that often inspires teams I work with to think differently than the traditional processes out there.

100 Years of Stimulating Ads

I work primarily in complex industries where digital advertising is restricted. Inspiration from previous generations of designers focused on regulated industry is crucial.

Have you got any other design sourcebooks you rely on to get your job done? Definitely drop your ideas in the comments!

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