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Value Machine: Fitness Ad Examples From Ten Thousand Inc

In this episode I break down the social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram for Ten Thousand Inc and Soft Services.

The brand Ten Thousand Inc is running more than 217 creative and copy variations. That’s months and months of A/B testing.

These are perfect templates for your own ecommerce ads.


Value Machine: Perfect Ads From Ten Thousand Inc | Product World


Fitness Ad Examples From Ten Thousand Inc

First, testimonial with five bullet points:

“Running, lifting, HIIT — I wear them for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.” – Geoffry T.

✔️ Permanent anti-odor treatment.

✔️ Cling-free & ultra-wicking shell.

✔️ Stretch for max range of motion.

✔️ Perfect pockets.

✔️ Anti-chafe liner.


They’re testing this with a similar version, longer quote, less bullets:

“By far the most comfortable, no nonsense pair of shorts I own for workouts, bike rides, and general outside activities, from the water to the hiking trails.” – Auden S.

✔️ Bombproof Durability.

✔️ Abrasion-Resistant Fabric.

✔️ Pockets Perfected.


Other ads are focusing on value for the customer, positioning against more mainstream brands, and making the offer to essentially try for free.  There are tons of variations on these:

✔️ No BS tech gimmicks.

✔️ No promises that our gear can make you a better athlete.

✔️ No stretchy office clothing.


“Our promise to you is simple: The best workout gear you’ll find, made for men who prioritize function over everything.”


Next ad is retargeting, offering a free product to convert:

✔️ Free Socks! Spend $50 and get a free pair of our ultra-versatile, anti-odor training socks.

✔️ Use code: SOCK50 at checkout.

✔️ *Must add sock to cart to apply discount.

✔️ Limited time offer.


Quiz prompt + validators:

“You’re 30-seconds away from discovering your perfect pair of training shorts! Take the quiz to get matched with a pair of shorts to take your workout game to the next level.”

✔️Lifetime guarantee.

✔️10,000+ 5 star reviews.

✔️Free shipping & free returns.


Information focused sales ad:

“Our exclusive End of Season Surplus Sale is here now through Monday. Save up to 40% on some of our top styles, and take an additional 10% off when you purchase two or more sale items with code ENDOFSEASON10.”


I break it all down, with visuals, on my YouTube series Value Machine:



Thanks for reading. See the original Ten Thousand Twitter thread here.

– Oren


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