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Using Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Product Packaging

Nearly 70% of all consumers think it’s important that a brand is sustainable. They’re looking to invest in brands with eco-friendly or sustainable product packaging.

Building a completely sustainable company is daunting and may not be an option for many, but the journey starts with a single step. The easiest step to beginning to reduce your organization’s impact on the environment is by reducing your unsustainable product packaging practices.

Looking around, you’re sure to find some easy choices in sustainable product packaging suppliers advertised online. There are definitely pros to going eco-friendly, such as low minimum order quantities and low barriers to entry. The con? It comes at a slight cost increase.

Recommended Sustainable Product Packaging Suppliers

Here are 7 eco-friendly packaging vendors to help your organization align with your customers’ values:



Custom, on-brand packaging for brands and retailers. Features a range of compostable packaging made from renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers that breaks down within 90-180 days. Recycled packaging is made from previously used plastic products which have been processed and put back into circulation. Reusable packaging that can be used multiple times for a variety of functions features heavily in the NoIssue catalog.

Location: 8 facilities around the world



2. The Better Packaging Co.

Industry-leading suppliers of eco-friendly packaging. Focused on the sustainable courier, products include mailers, satchels, envelopes, labels, stickers, tape, and garment bags. Custom packaging queries are welcome, too.

Location: 5 facilities around the world



3. Estal Packaging

A boutique source of à la carte packaging solutions featuring eco-friendly glass bottles. Includes sustainable product packaging for food and beverages, as well as beauty industry products.

Truly bespoke services, from the initial design right down to the last detail.

Location: Spain



4. SKS Bottle Co

PCR materials are all made from recycled materials, but aren’t recyclable again. A great option for PCR Jars,  tubes, tins, and bottles, SKS offers sustainable product packaging for the beauty industry, food insudtry, and cosmetics in general.

Location: New York, USA



5. Elevate Packaging

A source for simple eco-friendly bags and pouches, labels and stickers, liners, closures, e-commerce and shipping packaging, and more. Custom products on request.

Location: Chicago, USA



6. Eco Enclose

An easy choice for some of the most sustainable product packaging in recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable options, but discourage using compostable packaging. Choose from poly mailers to paper mailers, shipping boxes and accessories like tape and void fill.

Location: Louisville, USA



7. Biolo

A little more niche for food service bags, films,  and straws. Biolo’s packaging replaces single-use plastic and paper with high-performance, eco-friendly flexible packaging and food service products. Using biodegradable polymers, products remain sturdy and packaging withstands the demands of fulfilment, then degrades once introduced to a microbial environment.

Location: Kansas City, USA



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