How to Improve Your Brand Strategy With ThingTesting

Improve your brand strategy and discover what your e-commerce customers really want in a product or brand. Learn how to use ThingTesting now | Product World

How to use ThingTesting to discover what your e-commerce customers really want in a product or brand!

If you’re looking for the perfect website to help find design, inspiration, and product ideation
concepts for your brand, then look no further than ThingTesting, a digital brand discovery portal that uses community voices to review products.

Today, we take a look at the concept of ‘thingtesting’, what it means on an actionable level, and how it can help you improve your brand’s market research data.

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What is the Concept of ‘thingtesting’ About?

Thingtesting is a term used by designers and brand creators that describes the process of reviewing and testing consumer products. Particular focus is normally on direct-to-consumer (DTC) products, specifically how they’re designed, branded, used, their longevity, affordability, and sustainability.

The goal of thingtesting is to provide unbiased feedback to consumers on products they may be interested in purchasing, as well as to help small businesses and startups improve their products and user experiences.

Thingtesting is typically done by independent individuals or organizations who share their reviews and insights on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter, or through their own websites.

Thingtesting can cover a wide range of products, from skincare and fashion items to household appliances and tech gadgets. It’s become quite popular over the past few years thanks to sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and HelloPeter.

As consumers continue making the shift towards supporting sustainable and ethical brands, honest reviews of products can help guide ethical purchasing decisions.

How to Use the ThingTesting Website

Thingtesting began as an Instagram account and newsletter run by Jenny Gyllander. Over time, the idea behind ThingTesting grew, amassing a loyal following. Thingtesting has gone on to partner with several DTC brands that offer its followers exclusive discounts and promotions.

ThingTesting actually aggregates all kinds of new and popular brands that come out. You’ve probably seen me do videos on some of these products, and they get reviews from real, individual customers.

How to Search on ThingTesting

The search function is a crucial feature. Search is available on different categories, using different attributes around the brands. These filters include:

  • founding information
  • type of industry
  • type of product

Once you’re within them, you can scroll down and actually see individual pain points that people write in reviews.

Reviews are the best way to find inspiration for your products, to discover things you can do differently about your products, and find out what pain points your competitors’ products have so you can fix them in your own line of products.

What is a Thingdrop?

ThingDrop is the product testing program created for ThingTesters, users who test and review products ‘dropped’ onto the site. In exchange for unique and honest reviews, ThingTesters are rewarded with heavy discounts on products and branded items.

ThingTesters receive weekly links to exclusive testing and reviewing opportunities. Once the product is tested and reviewed, ThingTesters (or SuperTesters) write their reviews so consumers have a transparent and honest go-to opinion about their intended purchase.

How Do You Participate in a ThingDrop?

First up, you need an account to participate in the ThingDrop feature on ThingTesting. After 10 approved reviews, becoming a SuperTester – with access to higher discounts and rewards – becomes one of the perks of signing up.

3 Quick Benefits to Using ThingTesting for Brand Inspiration

Think Testing is great. In just one place, you can find a bunch of feedback – completely without curation from the brand – that shows you the pros and cons, the faults and shortcomings, and a basic walk-through to find those pain points your competitors have been fighting to fix.

The aesthetics of the brands featured on ThingTesting tend to be pretty great, too. Take a look at the site and its featured products or brands:

  • Browse the different categories.
  • Search for exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Read the reviews.

You can find some major opportunities by looking for comments and reviews that mention options other brands might be missing, such as a specific flavor, color, shape, or size of a product.

Other opportunities that could reveal themselves in mentioned pain points include shortcomings or missing features, perhaps something as simple as a missing handle, bad instruction booklet, or preferred container.

That’s where your brand opportunities lie.


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