The Costs of Making Your Own Foam Slides

Do you know how cheap it is to make your own foam slides? Create a foam runner brand today with minimal design tweaks | Product World

By now, everyone’s seen the ‎Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR, including those 3D print-looking foam slides… but what they don’t know is actually how affordable it is making your own foam slides.

Get inspired to start your own foam slides brand now!

Watch my TikTok short on the costs of making your own foam slides below, or scroll to read the expanded version now:


Foam slides and mules are comfortable, popular and… shockingly cheap to make.If you think this is more than just a short term trend, I’ve got a factory for you to help make your own, link will be in my newsletter next week @orenmeetsworld #ecommercebusiness #ecommercetips #productdevelopment #sneakerhead #sneakersaddict

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This is a clone of the Adidas slide mentioned above. You can see it doesn’t have the Adidas logo on it and its missing some of the printing that’s a standard in Adidas products, but it’s otherwise an exact replica.

  • Cost: $6 per pair, with low MOQ (minimum order quantity).
  • DHL shipping: $15 per pair, but getting them in bulk means you’d get them at around $4 each.

So while they might not be super-trendy right now, they’re actually super-affordable, super-comfortable, and super-marketable.

You shouldn’t sleep on starting a business if you can actually design something like this. That’s really tight. Making your own foam slides brand becomes super-easy when you have access to the right factory.

And just to be super-clear, I’m not encouraging bootlegging or copying anyone’s design. What I’ve shown you here are samples of what the factory sent us to review. For maximum value, create your own super-crazy designs now.

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Thank you for reading about making your own foam slides!
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