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Factories & Strategies To Start a Sunglass Brand

Ideas, Strategies, Suppliers, and Packaging

Looking to start a sunglass brand? I’ve done the research for you, and found all the links you need to succeed.

Let’s take a look at the strategies, suppliers, and packaging ideas out there.


How to Develop Your Own Sunglass Brand

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen sunglass brands ads selling for $40-80 a pair. The secret? They cost about $3-10.


  • $5 shipping
  • $2 packaging

That’s $25-65 profit each, and they’re selling THOUSANDS monthly.

Here’s how to develop your own:

First things first, order your favorite brand’s pair online. Write down EVERYTHING about the experience:

  • ecommerce
  • shipping and updates
  • instructions and content
  • unboxing and wear
  • carrying around

Note everything they’ve considered and what you think could be done better.


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


How to Find a Factory for Your Sunglass Brand

Next thing to do is find a factory. Use Alibaba, and search for vendors with:

  • fast response times
  • high on-time delivery
  • hundreds of thousands in transactions
  • an inspection from Alibaba

That’s going to ensure you have someone legit. Here’s an example of good and great.



Product Approaches to Starting Your Own Sunglass Brand

Now I’m going to break down a few different product approaches with relevant factors:

  • sports performance
  • trendy styles
  • basics

If you’re looking for inspiration on designs, check these brands:

  • Moscot
  • Akila
  • Oliver Peoples
  • District Vision
  • Thierry Lasry
  • Gentle Monster



Sporting sunglasses is a great opportunity for brands.

Anti-fog sporting sunglasses is a great opportunity for niche sports – make a specific brad for golf, biking, running, tennis etc, wherever you have a passion or see a need not being filled.

Around $4.80 a pair, 100 minimum


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


You can get the nicest version of these with cases and great customization for about $15.

I would recommend really going all out like this on the nicest of everything and trying to go over $100 in price point, but that’s just me 😉

These are all from Zhiheng Glasses Co.


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


Tangential – goggles for about $20.  Alter the shape, find the right reflective pattern, get a perfect strap… Interesting opportunity. 

Resorts could crush with these handy.


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


The key to success with any of these is to do OEM (custom). Take one of these existing designs and modify them to be perfect for what you think will succeed. 

Change the measurements, and the colors, and do multiple samples.

Unrelated, here for this surrealist factory ad.


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


A great option if you have an existing following is to brand hip styles. I’ve got a great factory that takes current hot looks and offers customization/logos.

They start at about $1.20 a pair and you customize at 100 units. Big winner if you have an existing audience.



There are factories that specialize just in women’s and men’s contemporary styles, if you do minor adjustments like adding new patterns, you can start from a great spot.

Some current mens styles at less than $2 with an MOQ of 300 pairs for custom

Factory: Three Hippos Glasses Co.



There’s also classic basics with good polarization that will run you $2.50 or so.

Matte and transparent options are easy differentiators.

Selling basics is ultra-competitive, but this is a great category for giveaways or corporate merch.

Factory: Lenlook Trade Co.



You’ll also find plenty of designer bootlegs.

The trick with these vendors is to ask them for the nicest, highest quality versions they can make, and apply your own changes.

They’re not a long term fit though. If they bootleg others… they’ll probably bootleg you.


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


Top Tips to Customize Your Sunglass Brand

Make sure to customize your product! Some quick ideas:

  • Unique color schemes (matte, pastels, gradients, patterns, marble)
  • Unique materials (bamboo, coatings, reflective etc)

Also decide where you want to live on the value scale…



Ready to start a sunglass brand?
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Packaging Options for Customized Sunglass Brands

Next you’re going to move on to packaging. Ask your vendor if they will wrap and box your product with a custom item. This is a cheaper option than domestic.

Almost all of them will have a bunch of box and case options. Sturdy, unique and transportable are differentiators!


Niche Business Intelligence to Start a Sunglass Brand | Product World


Here’s how to manage your packaging needs:

  • Get a “dieline” to design the print on your packaging. Use a real designer to make it stand out (helps with unboxing videos).
  • Get a sample of your package sent to you via air.
  • Make sure the packaging is sturdy enough to not get damaged in transit.

Now head back to the list you made when ordering your favorite brand in development stage. Think through if your packaging, box experience, carrying, etc. matches up with the experience you’ve gotten from an existing brand.

This is a key exercise to constantly refer to as it helps prevent details from getting lost.


Logistics and Fulfilment Issues to Consider in a Sunglass Brand

Once you’re ordering your product, we hit logistics. 

Too much product for your house? You need a 3PL (third party logistics) or FC (fulfillment center).

Here’s my comprehensive list:

Best 3PLs for CPG Businesses


Final thoughts in Starting Your Own Sunglass Brand

When it comes to ecommerce there’s 100 quality followers on Twitter that can juice you up with great info.

I will say, in this niche in particular, photography is a huge part of what can make the product stand out when selling online. 

Moscot crushes this. See the first two pics below:



The next 18 months are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a brand on Tik Tok, and pick up niche opportunities as big companies flail in the economic downturn.

Utilize the global economy through Alibaba to get enough margin to really give it a shot.

Don’t sleep on this! Start a sunglass brand now!


Thanks so much for reading, and hope to see you on the newsletter!

– Oren


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