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How To Create Your Own Sauce Brand

Product Playbook for Sauces and Condiments

Do a Google search on how to create your own sauce brand, and you’ll find MILLIONS of results, that include condiments, hot sauce, bottling and selling tips, and more.

That’s not surprizing, though… sauces and condiments sell $37.7 BILLION yearly in the US, and the margins are incredible.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me take you to Flavortown!



Here’s my product playbook with factories, ideas, and how to execute…

Consumers want unique, niche brands with values and more flavor. Sauce newcomers like Truff, Sir Kensington’s, Graza, MomoFuku, and more have taken advantage of a huge shift over the last decade.



We’ve seen celebrity chefs and restaurants break into the category, with brands like Momofuku entering direct to consumer and channel sales.



Brands like Truff seemingly come out of nowhere and dominate online ads and retail.



How to Create Your Own Sauce Brand That Stands Out

This is actually easier than you might think…

  • The big players sell consistency. And they need to move in massive volume to even enter a category.
  • A giant success for most entrepreneurs is an afterthought for them.
  • To succeed, niche down! 

Here’s my cheat sheet of how to make a sauce or condiment unique in its category.



– Go “restaurant grade” with higher-end materials and richer composition (more oil/butter)

– Execute “small batch” with unique, differing tastes and approaches for connoisseurs.



– Make a popular sauce with no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives and focus on rapid supply chain turnaround for freshness.

– Low to no sugar version of any popular sauce. Surprisingly low-hanging fruit. 



– Add truffles. You might laugh, but we have not left the truffle era. The taste can be applied to many sauce options

– Exotic flavor combos. There’s room for “out there” & impulse buy options that are good for a unique meal. Especially if packaging is a talking point.



– Look and feel. I’m convinced part of Jacobsens and Sir Kensington’s success besides just great products is they look modern at home.

– User experience. I love the Graza olive oil for its squeezable form factor that’s more along the lines of real user needs.



How to Produce Your Own Sauce or Condiment Brand

Sabatino does higher end sauces and condiments, with a big emphasis on truffles. Factories in US and Italy so you know its real.



Karma Sauce is another noted white labeller for sauces of all kinds. 



Want to take it overseas for max margin, or to authentically incorporate flavors originating in Asia?

There’s a generational shift happening as consumers begin to prefer niche options for them, whether regional, aesthetically, by values, or made for their background.

Every major producer is getting market share taken by dozens of new entrepreneurs, and there’s room for MUCH more. 

Whether you’re just passionate about the space, or you have a regional restaurant or online following around food…

The path to succeed is there with a differentiated, interesting product, and direct access to the world’s top suppliers. 



Never forget, the real sauce is the friends we make along the way.

– Oren


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