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How to Start Your Own Bag Brand

Retail, School, Designer, and Mini

The bag market is set to outpace designer apparel to be worth $100 billion by 2027! This is the time to own an e-commerce brand! Here’s my product playbook – with factories – to start your own bag brand now.


I’ve worked on many bag products, tens of thousands of total units. There are so many opportunities out there, ranging from product presentation, to retail exit bags, to school bags, to designer bags, to mini bags. The size of this market can’t be underestimated!


How to Start Your Own Bag Brand | Product World


Here’s a rough cost outline for bag products of different qualities from China:

  • Translucents/mini bags: $10
  • Artificial PU leather: $5-20
  • Simple canvas totes, duffels, etc: $3-10
  • Lower end genuine leather: $30-$55
  • Real leather/sheepskin at designer quality: $100-250




Garment and tote bags to include with products is a great option for existing brands.

I purchase a lot of Rick Owens. What you may not know is that many Rick Owens’ products come with a super high-quality canvas bag that I use absolutely all the time. Providing a quality option for this helps cement your brand.


How to Start Your Own Bag Brand | Product World


The Tiny Purse movement isn’t dead yet, and there’s lots of vendors with starting options. You need to ignore their styles, and design yourself. Take a loose concept they have so its a realistic starting point, but do you own design.



For most people it makes sense to start with an existing popular design and modify it to be something unique. This is a men’s option from Guangzhou Gaofeiya Leather Co

How to Start Your Own Bag Brand | Product World


Translucent bags are also popular and affordable. Good option to easily put out a design in a unique style (over shoulder, fanny pack, tote, etc) with fun designs – especially for TikTok.

These are $10, custom logo at 100 minimum order quantity (MOQ).



These are 500 MOQ with custom graphics and packaging, but only $4.60 each



A vendor option for PU leather and patterned options on the cheaper end? Look at Shijiazhuang Anhong Trade Co



Quanzhou Fanlostar Int’l Co and Chongqing B.m. Import & Export are two legit factories who will import various materials as needed for quality options for any style you want to make.


Tips for sending a great “brief” to your chosen vendors:

  • Note materials/colors inside & out
  • Note logo placement and type of print (embroidery/silk etc)
  • Clarify stitch types when possible
  • Note material + quality of parts and hardware for straps, zippers, highlights etc

Process notes: Include sketches or cad drawings with dimensions in cm/mm. If you want real leather, get a sample of the leather sent prior to an actual bag mockup. Expect to pay hundreds for a real quality single sample. This can usually be applied against your order invoice (just ask).


How to Start Your Own Bag Brand | Product World


If you want to go expensive and charge a premium, read How to Differentiate a Luxury Brand. This is my starter guide for different techniques for differentiating a premium brand over time.


Laundry list of ideas I’ve had in this space you should use:

  • Kids’ book bags suck and haven’t changed in forever. There’s got to be better options to create.
  • With designer knockoffs so prevalent, I feel high-end personalization is the next big trend, own this!
  • Pattern development like Goyard/LV, etc. but using high-end digital techniques and renderings
  • Utilizing complex textiles enabled by services like Byborre
  • Mens’ bags is still wide open…


Backpacks are for kids, messengers aren’t much better. What’s a new form factor?


Quick checklist for succeeding with sourcing your product:

  • Find a reputable vendor with existing transaction history
  • Provide your product brief in significant detail
  • Always sample ahead of time
  • Go through all the details of packaging, shipment, and use by your customer


Thanks for reading! If you found it interesting, I’d appreciate your shares!

– Oren


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