10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World

10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy

Today we focus on websites that will help you develop an e-commerce strategy, find new ideas for products, differentiate your brand, get manufacturers, and find growth marketing ideas. It’s a playbook of modern tools that feels like a cheat code for finding products that will work… and then growing them.


An excellent curation of new products and brands. Plus, they feature reviews of what consumers do and don’t like. This is a fabulous feed of hip, new products and you have the ability to identify emerging trends by category.


10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World


10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World



Another fantastic tool by Niel Patel and the team over at UberSuggest, Answer The Public lists all the possible key terms and phrases people could use when running possible search queries.

Type in a partial google search or key terms and see what people are searching by country Questions with that phrase, prepositions that are added, and comparisons. An amazing tool to find customer wants and questions

10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World


Product World

Factory links, resources for finding manufacturers and breakdowns of different product strategies and ideas. A great place to find curated suppliers and product strategy overviews!


Ahrefs (paid)

Ahrefs shows you search volume for any term, how hard it would be to compete on SEO, and related terms people are searching for. You can look at any website and see what product pages are performing on search.


10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World


SEO & product development should go hand in hand!


10 Websites to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy | Product World



Impeccable CPG (consumer packaged goods) curation, with identification of trends far before they hit the mainstream so they can be applied across many industries. My favorite use of this tool is looking at packaging and product design to consider for new styles.



 Case study after case study from @alexgarcia_atx and friends on every marketing concept imaginable. Anytime I’m looking for a platform strategy or growth idea, this is where I start.


JungleScout (paid)

Sophisticated Amazon product research tool that includes an “Opportunity Finder” so you can discover high-volume, low-competition search terms. It also gives great overall Amazon data by category on existing products. Great for finding existing winners for new channels.



If you plug in enough search terms, the algorithm on Pinterest is amazing. I searched for retail displays to build a new board, and it just continued to serve me more and more interesting ideas. Use this as an inspiration source!


Drop Point (paid)

Drop Point aggregates current and legacy ads on social media with the ability to search by product keyword for $5/m. See ads and product ideas for what’s happening in DTC.


Free Game

Virgil Abloh “open sourced” a good deal of the brand creative process, and simple things like trademarking and store setup. There’s also lots of his inspiration links along the way.


Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments below which websites have helped you with your e-commerce strategy. Who knows… we could be featuring them in an upcoming post!


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– Oren


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