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6 Best Design Tools to Elevate Your Brand’s Style

Does it seem like everybody’s graphic design is absolutely next-level on their brand identities right now? You’re not alone in thinking that. These 6 best design tools will help you elevate your brand’s style and make your designs really POP!


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Best Design Collaboration Team

This series of graphics was a collaboration between YouTube and 18 top creators – including Saint Urbain, a creative design and branding agency based in NYC and LA.



The designs were part of the YouTube Shorts snack challenge for VidCon 2022. The 18 designers that took part in the challenge had some really sick designs all throughout it.


Best Fonts Tool

Fonts are just getting better and better. Yours can, too.

Check out Type Department. They have a wide selection of fonts that are really sick and instead of having these massive, expensive $900+ licenses to get the good stuff like other foundries do, Type Department is really affordable. Go grab yourself a good license for $30-$60 and get the hot fonts you need.


Best Brand Guidelines Tool

The world of the PDF brand guideline is completely dead now that brand guidelines are online and collaborative.

BrandPad is a great way for you to get your brand into this new generation of having all your design assets in the cloud and collaborative, which also means the people you’re working with will be able to work together better and faster.


Best Cloud Collaboration Tool

Speaking of working together better and faster, Figma is an online, all-in-one graphic design tool that helps you create flow charts, user journey maps, and more. It’s like having a collaborative Photoshop in the cloud…

  • work together
  • leave notes
  • see what other people are working on
  • easily duplicate community files to digital
  • and use it even for traditional printing.

It’s a really simply and easy way for people to design. If you’re on a team and collaborating but not using it, I highly recommend you make the switch.  


Best Image Library Tool

Stock images are one of the biggest things that help you stand out but not when they make it look like everyone shops the same images off iStock.

What I really love about DeathToTheStockPhoto is they have a super-unique library, very distinctive style, and a well-curated collection that’s refreshed monthly. At just $12 a month, it’s super-cheap and best of all? Usage is unlimited! Vote on what the next photoshoot is and be a part of the community-driven process to get the perfect photo your brand or next project needs.


Best Design Asset Packs

Sign up to Creative Market and get pre-made assets and packs once-off and cheap. Get graphics, icons, textures, web elements, fonts, presentations, logos, branding templates, wireframe kits, and so much more.

The free account gives you access to free assets or sign up for monthly drops worth every bit of the $19-95 subscription fee. This is the tool every serious designer needs!


Leverage the best design tools and see what good designers are using to elevate their designs. If you have an existing brand or are in the middle of creating a brand, you need to think about how you’re going to make sure you’re operating at this level of quality to stand out from the crowd.

Contiue to iterate because brands aren’t permanent anymore; they’re at this permanent state of flux which provides a really interesting state of environment for design teams to work in. 


Thanks for tuning in and reading to the end. Let me know in the comments below if there’s a tool you think we should add to this list!