Plant TikTok: Start a Ceramic Planter Business

Plant TikTok: Start a Ceramic Planter Business | Product World

My niche is connecting you to new manufactures so you can launch products and brands on TikTok and other social media channels that work. Today I’ll be showing you the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to start a ceramic planter business on the platform.

Let’s do this.

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I can’t stress this enough: There has never been a better time to start your own business, and with everyone more at home now, green is the way to go. Plant TikTok is HUGE! Start a ceramic planter business now, and take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to start a ceramic (also known as pottery) planter business, here is my go-to manufacturer to get you up and running. This is – by far – the only factory you’ll want to use to make planters: Fujian Dehua Bebon Ceramics Co., Ltd. 

Here you can see the pricing for small, medium, and large ranging from $3.55 to $5.35 per piece if you’re just getting a single unit. One drawback is that they only do customized items locally and with packaging that’ll run from about $1,000.

But here’s the thing… you could customize those with finishing in the US.

Plant TikTok: Ceramic Planter Options to Consider

They’ve got a wide variety of ceramic products inside and outside of the planters business but things like these simple pastels are a great option.

Here’s another option. This one comes with a little bottom piece as well, which makes a great set. You can customize that, brand it, sell it separately.

There’s also more unique form factors like this crumpled paper version, too.

If you want to lower the minimum order quantity to $1000, these have a really unique look. I believe you have some customization options with the pattern and you only need to get $120 to get started. They’re ranging from $2.55 to $4.55.

You do have to factor shipping into all of these but they’re all pretty reasonably-priced if you want to launch your own brand or product in the Plant TikTok space.

I do think the best option you can do is to find unique and interesting form factors with the ceramics and try to come up with some new ideas. Take this opportunity to develop something custom and bespoke with a factory like this. It may mean you might have to use a higher minimum order quantity (MoQ) with something that differentiates your product, makes it stand out, and helps keep the room together for anyone who buys it.


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Thank you for reading this guide to plant TikTok and starting a ceramic planter business!
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