The Power of Storytelling to Showcase Your Brand

The Power of Storytelling to Showcase Your Brand | Product World

The best playbook tool for brands today is the power of storytelling. For brands trying to launch a product and get attention on the internet, the power of storytelling is a great way to showcase a brand. It also allows you to share the business processes behind building the brand and to have some creative fun with the content.

The Power of Storytelling to Showcase Your Brand | Product World

This sketch shows the mohair cardigan by Bluboy and WNTD Apparel below, which is just a super-unique piece. Bluboy’s done a great job of showcasing some of the creative process inside what he puts out.

I love this enamel button they’ve used to replace a traditional button on this cardigan. I think especially with the contrast to other green mohair, it’s just super-cool.

See this post in action on TikTok…

The Power of Storytelling for Brands

Back to the concept…

Storytelling today for new brands is paramount. It can get your attention on social media, help people invest in your story, and helps those who are interested to learn. It then also gains a positive affinity for your brand because they are learning from it.

But the biggest reason you should consider doing this, is the biggest and most-established brands are going to try and hire all the value that they can. They’re not going to have the same playbook as the new creators – maybe some will, but most won’t – of saying “Hey, maybe we should share as much as possible, we’re going to provide much value.”

You ever heard that quote… “If you’re not giving away so much value, that it makes you uncomfortable, then you’re not giving away enough”? That’s how I feel all creators and new brands should be looking at how they showcase their creative process.

The power of a single story goes far beyond simply relaying facts and data and can be a highly effective tool to create customer loyalty.

~ Tony Robbins

By sharing and giving away as much of your creative processes as possible to build an affinity for your brand, you’re releasing the power of storytelling. 

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