The Telfar Bag Security Program

Learn how to implement the Telfar Bag security program brand strategy to keep replicas of your brand at bay | Product World

If you missed my TikTok video about wholesale replicas, you’ll have missed the whole intro to this topic. I highly recommend you give this a quick watch before reading any further on the Telfar Bag Security Program.

Learn how this strategy can actually strengthen your brand and mitigate piracy concerns....


Rep products are so good experts cant tell the difference, what do we do with this scenario? #repsneaker #sneakerhead #fashiontiktok #fashionindustry

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Now, here’s some background to the problem…

Bootleg items, fashion bags, sneakers, and watches are ripped off at such high quality that most experts can’t tell them apart anymore. The massive price difference between a knock-off and a genuine item obviously has a lot to do with it, so what can luxury brands do to mitigate the piracy and risk to their brand?

Mitigating Piracy and Brand Risk

In the video you watched above, I brought up Telfar as seen here modelled by Dua Lipa, the artist. This bag has been making waves amongst celebrities for a couple of years now, and I can see why.

Learn how to implement the Telfar Bag security program brand strategy to keep replicas of your brand at bay | Product World

But what you may not know about Telfar or their unique strategy is that they seem to have found a way to combat this replica-piracy action. And they’ve done it in a way that makes their luxury brand affordable to the everyday person (not just the celebrities out there). All while still providing a positive customer experience.

Let me explain…

The Telfar Bag Security Program

Very much aware of the brand risk around replicas and knock-offs, Telfar began offering a really unique program where initially, they actually had standard bags that would go and sell out. To be more accessible to the average Joe (or Jane) – while also keeping the brand standards high – Telfar introduced their bag security program.

In what can only be described as a major marketing feat and a brilliant way to increase desirability for the brand itself, Telfar opened up specific days in a month where anyone can order any one or more of a limited range of Telfar bags. They’ll make it on demand based on the order quantities, and ship that order to you.

And this kind of “democratizes” luxury so everyone can have some. Currently, everyone wants only one line from a specific collection (like Louis Vuitton and Nike’s “Air Force 1” by Virgil Abloh).But there’s only X many made so they sell like hot cakes for $18,000 a pop.

The Importance of Democratizing Luxury

Now, instead of that scenario… if a consumer really wants one, they’re going to have to deal with the resellers. Or, as long as they can pay in full and are willing wait a few weeks to get it made, they will get one.

This is Telfar Rainbow.

Learn how to implement the Telfar Bag security program brand strategy to keep replicas of your brand at bay | Product World

This is how the majority of releases should go. We’ve over-hyped exclusivity with brands through limiting factors like member-only sneaker apps, etc. This is just one example, but there are a lot of new releases from fashion houses that do this.

Another example is watches. Retailers have basically cloned this scenario of late. It’s become almost impossible for the average person out there to acquire a piece of luxury. 

Telfar Rainbow changes all that. And the same strategy can change it for your brand, too.

Luxury is not a price-based commodity; It’s a quality-based, accessible product for the discerning customer.

Let’s give consumers what they want. Put parameters on it, sure, but make it so they can tell their friends, “Hey, we went shopping in this two-hour window where we still have to use this app (or whatever it is), but we got what we want.”

If someone wants something, is willing to pay the right price for it, why not make it and give it to them? That’s a superior customer experience, and you can do this in a luxury way as Telfar has done.

Strengthening Your Brand

You really need to consider the Telfar strategy for your brand. As replicas become more and more prominent, it’s become more of a priority. It’s not going to hurt your brand. In fact, it’s going to grow and strengthen your brand.

Learn how to implement the Telfar Bag security program brand strategy to keep replicas of your brand at bay | Product World

Why? Because people wouldnt buy replicas at a much lower price if the resale price wasn’t so high and inaccessible to them. Make sure they can buy from your brand reasonably and fairly like everybody else can.

For those who think that Telfar’s brand strategy is not worthy of emulating, consider this… the same celebrities that wear Louis Vuitton, Nike, and other well-known brands also use Telfar bags. Some examples are the Queen Bey and Zoe Kravitz, pictured above with their various Telfar versions. You can see just how deep the brand has permeated our culture.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Check out my TikTok short discussing this topic:


Replying to @ladiarchitect4eal i believe the Telfar bag security program offers a way better customer experience for luxury brands and it should be widely adopted #telfar #telfarbag #telfarcollection #luxurybrand #luxurybrands #trends #luxuryfashion #greenscreen

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Thank you for reading this strategic guide to mitigating piracy and brand risk by implementing the Telfar Bag Security Program.
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