This is Your Sign to Start a Supplements Brand



This is your sign to start a supplements brand.


It’s high margin, you don’t need to touch inventory, and there’s a massive consumer base.

Here’s exactly how it works PLUS the best manufacturers who offer fulfillment the way you want it.

Let’s go.


If you’re any of the below

– a creator

– a fitness influencer

– an amazon seller

– a performance marketer

– a social media marketer

– a good salesperson

You should have your own brand. 

You have the tools, you just need a product to own equity in. 


Supplements is an amazing category because:

– Entrenched players don’t care about their consumers and have outdated marketing

– Amazon is full of shady knockoff products

– New trends are always coming, and can blow up

– Consumers buy off social media marketing, constantly 


I think the opportunity is

– high quality, organic supplements

– unique blends and combinations for increasingly experimental consumers

– made locally (US for US customer, Europe for Europe etc)


Paired with

– money back guarantees

– great customer service

– lots of content 

I’ve included all domestic factory options below, because I believe customers right now want (and deserve) US-made products of high quality.


My vetted list for overseas suppliers is …

in my email list autoresponder, you can grab that here:

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Start a Supplements Brand with … Equinox Nutraceuticals

US based and:

  • Organic with B2C and B2B fulfilment
  • Offers custom formulation
  • Handles dropshipping

Here’s their MOQs:



Start a Supplements Brand with … Supliful

Supliful is a truly no-touch solution to leverage an audience:

  • Pay a monthly fee
  • Choose products directly from their catalog
  • Minorly customize packaging

… and you’re running – they do it all.


Truly the easiest way to start selling… and they have a wide option set. Worth noting that Supliful are US only.


Start a Supplements Brand with … Pietra

If you want to:

  • build a lineup of multiple custom products (not just supplements)
  • and tie in excellent packaging
  • plus have fulfilment and pick and pack handled…

Pietra is completely full service, and they make sourcing very easy on their Priority Support tier.


Start a Supplements Brand with … Simpson Labs

  • A domestic, ultra-modern provider that knows industry trends, and how to solve them in the US.

Here’s what they can make and the packaging types they can fill. 


Highly recommended!



Start a Supplements Brand with … Tru Body Wellness

  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Starting at 500 units for custom formulations or 100 units for their existing products, with a large catalogue of options.

I’ve sent a lot of people here who praise their responsiveness, as well.


The gift and the curse of this industry is how trend-based it is… think how over the last year we’ve seen massive runs for:

  • liver + ancestral blends
  • glycine
  • moss & algae
  • charcoal
  • chlorophyll
  • garlic

On this list, ONLY charcoal has peaked. 


My secret source for what’s new and weird in vitamins and supplements?


Start a Supplements Brand with … Erewhon

Shop Erewhon’s full menu of supplements online, and monitor to see what’s new. If it’s hot… rest assured they’re testing it…

Also, check out their organic grocer & Cafe:




Use Answer the Public and enter your target category to see what people are searching.

I did this for protein powder and found a lot more people are into caramel flavor than there are options on the market.

There’s plenty of opportunities if you put in the work. 


Things to avoid when you start a supplements brand

First and foremost – going cheap on your manufacturer. There are tons of wacky supplements, there are less great ones. Also:

  • selling just one product (you need higher average order value to thrive)
  • not having packaging up to snuff
  • not having a subscription option 


There has never been a better time to launch your own product! Here’s my thread on the formula for launching a brand in 2023.


Appreciate you reading this! 

– Oren




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