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Not all well-performing niches are saturated or unworthy of pursuit. Don't be fooled. Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

This is a super-interesting time to build a brand in activewear or the supplements industry. You can own this space, and it makes a lot of sense to start a niche brand here, especially now.

 I’m going to break down why. 

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Activewear as an industry or niche might seem to be more saturated than ever, but it’s not. Niche brands are really focused on the UX (user experience) of their markets to build cult-like brands. District Vision is a great example of this principle.

Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

Other brands that use this strategy for the same reasons include:

And what these brands are saying is, “We’re going to take the user experience for this exact sport we’re in and make it perfect. Let’s build an amazing brand around it.”

Opportunities to build a brand in activewear or supplements

This is just at the beginning of what that could look like for sports like lacrosse (similar to baggataway), golf, pickleball, baseball, soccer, or even basketball. Activewear brands tend to focus on one niche sport, or related niches.

Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

Now, if someone had told me they wanted to build a brand in activewear or the supplements market with traditional SEO and Facebook acquisition tactics, it just wouldn’t work. You could sure try, but the amount of effort required to really make it successful just wouldn’t be worth the nominal success it would bring.

Collaborating with others to build a brand in activewear or supplements

What isn’t happening out there is brands taking advantage of that same kind of SEO on TikTok, and using the platform to scale organically. You can also increase  your odds of success on TikTok by having multiple pages and multiple people working together as a team for your brand.

It cannot be stressed enough: influencers in fitness or wellness spaces should be working together in groups of 3-6 to execute their brands collectively. They should be building on audiences rather than relying on their personal brand, their customer, their investors, or whatever it ends up being to really push their brands forward.

There has never been a better time to collaborate than now!

Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

The supplement space is super interesting in the same way and a lot of it is because I believe that technology like the Whoop wristband pictured here has opened up the doors for those people who distrust the existing health and nutritional system. Technology like this helps people experiment, to learn about what makes them feel good, track their sleep, activity, and feelings.

Results and statistics can be used in journaling functions to actually test things that work for them. This will open up a whole new door for people. It’s also a great way to figure out if supplements may or may not work for them. 

Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

There’s also a growing movement for smaller brands like Sol Supps, brands who are super-focused on quality, organic, exactly-precise ingredients. These brands understand that to own a corner of the market – a niche – means that they understand what their consumers don’t want: weird protein shakes full of sugar and strange people dictating what goes into their supplements.

What consumers do want is things that just work, things that are built with passion. There’s an opportunity here across all existing supplement categories for newer protein brands to charge a couple of dollars more, understand their customers’ lifestyle, and really succeed.

Build a brand in activewear or supplements now | Product World

Building a private label brand in activewear or supplements

Not to mention, there’s a new era of specialty retailers who are doing things differently, like coming out with private label products. Erewhon (with their sea moss products) are part of this era, and they’re opening up brand new categories for discovery inside the communities they function in.

Best of all? They’re accessing people who aren’t just totally online experimenting in this.

The most important takeaway here is to not let anyone tell you this niche is saturated. You can do this!

Thank you for reading this guide on how to build a brand in activewear or supplements.
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