Private Label Shoes and Sneakers Vendor Guide

We’re seeing tons of footwear designers come out  and actually get some market share and success, whether they’re doing riffs off classic Nike silhouettes like the one below or coming up with complete originals. If you’re thinking of starting a footwear brand but aren’t sure where to begin, this private label shoes and sneakers vendor guide is for you.

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Here’s a list of private label shoes and sneakers manufacturing factories that will help you get started, across categories that begin in sports, to more-classic shoes for men or women. The first of four great factories are based in China, and can help you create your private label shoes or sneakers brand at cost.

These are from Dybbuk, by the way.

Private Label Shoes and Sneakers Vendor Guide | Product World

1. Xiefu Trade Co – Private Label Shoes and Sneakers

First up is Xiefu Trade Co., Ltd. Xiefu loosely translates to “old, informal and comfortable at-home clothes”. They’re great for any kind of silhouette and are super-similar to well-known brands like Nike Yeezy, New Balance, etc.

They already have most of these with a version ready to snap up. In fact, their profile suggests that they also make Adidas, AF1, Air Max, Gucci, Jordan, Nike Shox, Prada, and Puma.

If you’re also looking for accessories, watches and handbags are amongst their product offerings.

2. Quanzhou Wanwanxing Pipe Industry Co – Private Label Sneakers

Another option for super-similar categories is Quanzhou Wanwanxing Pipe Industry footwear. This team has already kind of done the hard work of an obviously-CE look, and similar Amiri dupes. 

3. Haojunlong Footwear Factory – Private Label Sneakers

If you want to get more into boots and some kind of nicer men’s wear, sporting shoes, etc, check these guys out. Haojunlong Footwear Factory is a private label shoes and sneaker vendor who has a broad range of products to choose from, with a super selection of sporting shoes.

4. Chengdu Xinzi Rain Shoes Co – Private Label Shoes

Lastly for kind of significantly higher-end, if you’re getting into women’s patent leather, that kind of thing, try here.

Some random alpha here… Chengdu Xinzi Rain Shoes Co., Ltd also do pole dancer shoes.

Private Label Shoes and Sneakers Vendor Guide | Product World


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