6 Email Cheat Sheet Strategies for Busy Creators

Ready to run email for your brand? These are my top 6 brand email cheat sheet strategies to automate your workflow. Get your guide today | ProductWorld.xyz

Ready to run email for your brand? Here are my top 6 brand email cheat sheet strategies that include an automation workflow guide for creators.

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This is the email cheat sheet you’ve been waiting for to start running email for your brand. This email marketing strategy breakdown can be used to improve your existing email automation workflow, or as a way to introduce your products or brand to new subscribers.

My Top 6 Email Cheat Sheet Strategies

I’ve got to be honest about something here… I get asked A LOT about how I’ve managed to build my email subscriber list to over 10,000 members in just under a year. First and foremost, I am consistent:

  • I share quality content for brand builders and creators.
  • I give relevant and actionable advice to help you build a brand.
  • I follow up with on-trend insights and tips to keep you up-to-date on the markets you transact in.

These are my top 6 email cheat sheet strategies that’ll help you build your brand and subscriber base. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list to get content like this delivered straight to your inbox regularly.

1. The Abandoned Cart Strategy

The most important and most common strategy is the ‘abandoned cart’. Somehow I meet all these brands that are popping wherever I see them, and yet they haven’t yet turned this feature on, and are leaving money on the table.

The best way to do this is to send two emails to people who have abandoned their shopping journey with unpaid items still in their carts:

  • one about 10 hours after they initially abandoned their cart to remind them they forgot to complete their purchase
  • and one two days later, offering them an option to complete their checkout in one easy click.

2. The Welcome Series Strategy

Every creator, every brand, should have a ‘welcome series’. This is a series of automated emails that are activated when someone signs up for your email list.

Use this strategy to introduce them to your brand:

  • one email that comes right away when they sign up
  • a second email that goes through things like your brand story
  • a third that would share popular videos on your channels and content reviews from other people.

By now, you should have a lot of interesting and relevant content you can present in future emails. Remember that selling is not the point here, loyalty and followers are. Subscribers come and go; loyal readers stay the course.

3. The Browse Abandonment Strategy

One of the best strategies for existing members is the ‘browse abandonment’ is great’ feature. It’s a bit of a money-printer because it gives you clear insight into what already-connected people are searching for and what they need.

These searches are cookie’d for the most part, making it a whole lot easier to see what pages, products, and content are searched for on your website. This gives you an easy opportunity to send an email to see if they’re still interested in what they browsed and if they’re ready to check out yet.

4. The Post-Purchase Strategy

The ‘post-purchase automation’ strategy involves sending a series of emails you’re going to send your customers once they’ve bought your product.

You can use this strategy to show new users how your product works, or let them know about valuable add-ons or complementary products that would enhance their experience of using the initial product they already bought.

Get them excited about other promotions, too… Consider this your upsell and cross-sell strategy.

5. The Interest Flow Strategy

The ‘interest flow’ strategy is an automation that’s based on people’s activities. For instance, if they were to click on a bunch of links related to a specific product or category, you would feed them more information about that product in your next email to them.

This is similar to the ‘browse abandonment’ strategy, however it’s targeted at those people/browsers who have created an account but not yet subscribed to your mailing list.

6. The Milestone Strategy

The ‘milestone’ strategy kicks in when a subscriber hits a specific anniversary, such as when they’ve been a loyal subscriber for a year. Other milestones in this category could include having purchased goods or services to a certain value, or when they’ve transacted a certain amount of times.

This strategy allows you to send them a reward or a thank you note for their loyalty.

Ready to run email for your brand? These are my top 6 brand email cheat sheet strategies to automate your workflow. Get your guide today | ProductWorld.xyz

If your online brand isn’t getting 15% to 20% of its revenue from your email marketing, then you need to be getting more email subscribers. The quickest way to do this is to ensure you’re following a tried-and-tested strategy that’s at least as comprehensive as what I’ve laid out here.

Note that none of these strategies include email marketing campaigns, which you will find more information about in my newsletters. Subscribe now to get in the know.


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