6-Step Guide to Create a Website That Sells

I run a niche content site and email newsletter, known as Product World... Learn how to create a website that sells in my 6-step guide now | Product World

This is a business anyone can do without starting capital. Learn how to create a website that sells in my 6-step guide below.

Get inspired… start your own website today.

Watch my TikTok short on how to create a website that sells below, or scroll to read the expanded version now


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I run a niche content site and email newsletter, known as Product World. I plan to sell it for at least six figures. Here’s exactly what I’m doing…

Your Guide to Creating a Website That Sells

The list below details the steps I took when I learned how to create a website that sells. I began this journey as a way to ensure that my digital assets are worth something and can actually be sold when the time comes.

This is what you should be doing, too.

Get on to Social Media

I work hard to grow my followers on these four channels and to get my message out. Each channel has a unique set of viewers and demographics. I would not reach my entire audience if I was locked in to one channel.

  1. I write informative threads about making best-selling products on Twitter. This is my target subject, my niche. I do this about 2-3 times a week. My threads break down key learnings for creators who want to make their own products.
  2. I am active on TikTok every single day. Every thread I post on Twitter has a TikTok explainer video to break it down, too.
  3. I share my TikTok shorts to my YouTube channel.
  4. I also use Instagram Reels to share my content.

Use a Call-to-Action (CTA)

I include a call-to-action to sign up for my newsletter called “Product People” at every strategic point in my journey:

  • at the end of all my Twitter threads
  • at the end of my blog posts
  • in my profile on every channel
  • in the descriptions on YouTube

This CTA works really well for my brand. I get an average of about 30 followers a day, and I’ve been doing it for about five months now.

Send Out a Weekly Newsletter

I run a weekly email newsletter on Convert Kit. If I was trying to do it for free, I’d run it on Beehive. I write a bit about all the different threads and videos I’ve put out that week, adding some context to it.

My newsletter also contains exclusive content, such as factory links and top tips to help creators succeed in building their brands.

Run an SEO-Friendly Website

I have a website in WordPress called “Product World”. I paid $70 for a theme and adjusted some of the fonts and colors myself. I’ve tweaked the layout to be aesthetically pleasing, well structured, and easy to navigate.

Every single thread or video I post, I put a blog up about it on my website. I use a free tool called Yoast to help me do SEO for all those entries to get traffic, and that actually works very well. I’m now getting hundreds of organic views from Google search every month, which started from 0.

Monetize Your Website

The plan here is to monetize my site by

  • selling email sponsorships
  • selling advertising slots on the website
  • or using the audience to launch a product.

I can also keep building it up.

Either way, I’m going to eventually look to sell this business via a site like Flippa that allows you to actually sell online businesses that have followers and revenue… as long as you can get it up to a certain size and level of income.

Calculate Your Investment Costs

This is a business that anyone can do if you’re passionate about a topic. Your biggest investment here is time. It’s going to take time to:

  • build up a social media presence
  • convert your audience to followers
  • curate a subscribed following on email
  • communicate with everyone between the platforms
  • and build a website.

The good news is that none of this will cost you much money at all. My actual cost is less than a couple of hundred bucks a month, and I’ve already made that back through deals that have come from it.

And then, you’re going to actually have this property with revenue and with followers that you can sell in the future.

Here’s a quick and easy handout guide you can download or print and refer to:

I run a niche content site and email newsletter, known as Product World... Learn how to create a website that sells in my 6-step guide now | Product World

I highly recommend this strategy as a business idea. If you have any questions about how I’m doing it, let me know in the comments, and I’ll break it down for you.


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