7 Most Common Mistakes Beverage Brands Make

Use the lessons I learned the hard way to avoid the 7 most common mistakes beverage brands make when starting out. Click to read more now | Product World

Hey, don’t make the same 7 most common mistakes beverage brands make when launching a new product.

Below are the most prevalent pitfalls all entrepreneurs and creators face when launching their brand. Use the lessons I learned the hard way to avoid the 7 most common mistakes beverage brands make when starting out…

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The most common mistake I see is that everyone thinks they can survive with their business just direct to consumer and selling off their website. In reality, this may get you started on your entrepreneurial journey, but it’s not consistent or reliable enough to keep you going strong.

Let’s break it down…

Mistake #1: Not Getting Enough Exposure

Direct to consumer sales are great but rely on selling off your website or through referrals by existing consumers who already buy your product. While that may keep you going for a while, it’s not a reliable enough income to keep your doors open for longer than the “honeymoon stage”.

I cannot press this idea home enough… there is no market so saturated that consumers don’t want a new product. Choice is everything. Give your market demographic what they want on every available channel you can get exposure on, including those you find your competitors on.

Mistake #2: Not Relying on Community

99% of brands quickly give up on getting the exposure they need. You should have a multi channel strategy from the start. This means you should have a suite of local retailers helping you understand how to sell in stores and take your product into retail markets.

These local markets have a steady stream of loyal customers. These retailers are deeply trusted to sell reliable products. Therefore, if your products are on retail shelves – no matter how small that retail channel is – the customers buying it are already halfway convinced your product will resolve their pain points or feed their needs.

Mistake #3: No Reliable Shipping Partners

Launching your business or a new product without understanding shopping and carrier options is a recipe for struggle. This is one of the most important things to understand… probably the most expensive part of your product is the shipping.

If you nail in the rates for shipping with your partner of choice here – whether you’re sending in bulk or sending small – you can save yourself a ton of money.

Explore a lot of options.

Mistake #4: Not Having Compliance in Place

Thoroughly review compliance and what has to be on your label. I’ve seen so many brands have to relabel and do a retake on the packaging for their products. It’s worth taking the time to get it right the first time.

Get a lawyer involved from the start. The cost is worth it.

Mistake #5: No Launch Plans on Social Media

Not going hard with a launch plan for TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram is a mistake. Once again, no market is so saturated that you can’t find a niche consumer base on any social network.

Getting your launch plans right is something you have to start with and start strong. Get a content plan in place so you get as much attention as you can from the start.

This will also help you get your brand through retail doors.

Mistake #6: Weak Distribution Network

Learning and understanding the distribution landscape you operate in is vitally important. Find out who the distributers are that carry products like yours, including those who you’d want to do business with in the future.

Know who they are, and build a strong relationship that’ll carry you through hard times.

Mistake #7: Not Leveraging Search Engines

And last on this list but definitely one of the most important strategies to add to your arsenal of tools… search starts with Amazon. Don’t ignore it.

Next, source your products internationally, as well. You can find details for any international importer on these sites.


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