Perfume or Beverage Glass Bottle Factory Links

Ribbed bottles for beverages and perfumes are hot! Let's break down the trend, including glass bottle factory links to start your own brand | Product World

Ribbed bottles for beverages and perfumes are hot! Here, we take a look at this trend, including glass bottle factory links to start your own brand.

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Why Choose Glass for Your Product?

Glass has always been the classier alternative to plastic, but that elegance has traditionally come at a hefty price. In fact, it’s one of the reasons plastic grew to become so popular – along with how much lighter in weight it is, making it a cheaper alternative for shipping.

Times have changed. Glass is a versatile material that can be shaped and molded in many interesting ways. It also holds many interesting contents, such as beverages, condiments, or perfumes.

It can be made super thin (for example, when used for perfume tester bottles) or much thicker, as is the case in alcohol bottle bases. Either way, if you’re looking to make a product stand out from the competition, glass and ribbed is a sure-fire way to do it.

The Allure of Glass in Marketing

A bar I worked in many years ago served Noam Lager, a Bavarian craft beer developed in Weihenstephan, Bavaria, Germany, at the Science and Research Laboratory of the Technical University Brewery.

Y’all were ahead of your time on glass bottle design and aesthetics!

Having a standout look in liquor has always been important but now its coming really hard to consumer beverages.

So, why would you choose to make this kind of standout bottle, and why is it becoming so popular?

  • It stands out on social media – There’s an extra marketing element now to every single thing you purchase, which is how inherently postable (and shareable) it is.
  • Consumers are much more interested in experimenting than they are on buying the same thing over and over. This generational shift comes as competition heats up between so many new consumer brands and old brands racing to retain market share,

    We’re only going to see more intense form factors in glass bottles as this competition gets fiercer.

    Now is the time to launch your beverage brand. Consider cold brews, teas, and food sauces as products that would sell well in this new market. Follow these links for advice on how to create your own private label brands now.

    Don’t make the same mistakes other brands make when launching a new product. Use the lessons I learned the hard way to avoid the 7 most common mistakes beverage brands make when starting out…

    Here’s some domestic factories that you can use to produce your own:

    Arkansas Glass

    Arkansas Glass are an excellent choice because they have this tool for entering core information and then getting form factors that will work with that tool.

    Factory link:

    PGP Glass

    PGP Glass offer easy mold customization so you can save a little bit of money by using these base structures versus starting an entirely new mold.

    Factory link:

    Ribbed bottles for beverages and perfumes are hot! Let's break down the trend, including glass bottle factory links to start your own brand | Product World

    Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found a factory link we can add to this resource list.


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