Best Ways to Retarget Your Content

The best ways to retarget your content are affordable and organic, plus you get the best return on investment money can buy. Here's how | Product World

The best ways to retarget your content are affordable and organic, offering you the best return on your investment that money can’t buy.

My advice for brands looking to spend money on ads to scale is max out their organic content and focus on repurposing and retargeting existing content first.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to do that…

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Advice for brands looking at spending money on ads to scale – max out organic content +retargetting first #ecommercetips #brandstrategy

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Put as much of your attention into creating short-form video content as possible. It’s going to get organic reach, whichever platform you choose:

  • We make it for TikTok because that’s the biggest organic reach to date.
  • Try to repurpose as much as you can onto Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Twitter – all of which is great for short-form content.
New brands can succeed on short-form video by making conceptual content, using personalities,
and documenting everything to scale. Here’s how.

Put that out there as hard as you can, then the advertising you run is just retargeting.

Put your money into making great content with good influencers, good personalities that resonate with your audience. Make an absolute ton of content for it. Remember though that it’s quality over quantity you’re going for, so make sure it’s good stuff you’re putting out.

To ensure you’re getting the highest ROI of all the advertising, you’ll need to focus on retargeting other platforms and audiences. This will ensure the people that watch your videos come back and convert into sales leads.

And then you take that as far as you can. Take it to when you’re getting hundreds of thousands of views in your videos consistently, and then think about what other top-of-funnel campaigns look like and how you can work with those going forward.

But right now, because of the viral organic factor of these video platforms, they’re absolutely the best ways to retarget your content. They’re also going to be the best use of your time, energy, and funds… Rather than running or scaling advertising campaigns for audiences you don’t have yet.


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