How to Source Affordable 3D Models For Products

Getting 3D models made for your product ideas is commoditized, cheap, and easy. Here's the best way to source affordable 3D models for products | Product World

Getting 3D models made for your product ideas is commoditized, cheaper than you think, and easier than ever. Here’s the best way to source affordable 3D models for products…

Designing a new product – whether it’s the packaging, product, or labeling aspects – is a tiresome job without the right tools. This includes mockups and 3D scans of your designs so you can see the product as an end result, and make final tweaks before production begins.

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I know it seems really daunting to get a 3D model made for a product that you want to create. But I’ll tell you a secret…

You should just do it on Upwork.

It’s going to cost you between $30 to $50. I didn’t even need to send a sketch for the products in my TikTok short above! I just sent the freelancer I chose e-commerce links to product ideas I was referencing and a list of notes.

Upwork have experts in every category. You can get jewelry and metal. You can get specific components. You’ll even be able to find people that know plastic. And there are people that can just help you make a mold.

And guess what? It’s all going to be for under $100.

Go forth. Use Upwork. Make products.


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