Next-Gen Products from Multi-Talented Creatives

Multi-talented creatives work across different artistic mediums to blend and combine elements to visualize their next-gen products. Let's take a look at how that's done | Product World

The new generation of creatives are able to move between artistic disciplines, use multiple fabrics and materials to visualize their products, and document the process for others to follow along. As a result, their next-gen products are unlike any others… 

Interdisciplinary artists work across different disciplines or artistic mediums, blending and combining elements from multiple fields. These artists may work in areas such as visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, film, or digital media. 

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A perfect example of this next generation of ultra successful creatives and how they can move between disciplines with the common thread of documenting it all #creators #creativedirector #brandingtips

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Interdisciplinary artists often create works that incorporate various techniques, styles, and materials, and they may collaborate with artists from other disciplines to create interdisciplinary projects.

These artists may also have more than one qualification, such as a graphical art degree and a project management certification, making it much easier to seamlessly combine their talents to manage a brand or product line.

These new generation creatives are interested in exploring bespoke ways of expressing themselves and addressing complex issues through their work. They may draw inspiration from diverse sources, such as science, philosophy, politics, or social issues, and use different techniques to create multi-layered and thought-provoking works of art.

Some examples of interdisciplinary artists include Laurie Anderson, who combines music, performance, and visual art in her work; Bjork, who blends music, technology, and fashion in her performances; and Yoko Ono, who works in multiple media, including performance, film, music, and installation art.

Another perfect example of this next generation of ultra-successful interdisciplinary creatives is Denzel Currie, a graphical artist who combines his artistic talents with a flair for upcycling everyday status items into stylish accessories.


I was on @itvnews again today talking about rug tufting and the importance of heritage crafts in the UK.

♬ original sound – Denzel

Known as CurrieGoat, Denzel’s Instagram is a library of creativity. 

This new generation of interdisciplinary creatives like Denzel come up with a visual motif and then apply it into multiple styles. Moving from rugs to collaborating on jewelry, then working on fashion pieces and sick streetwear, completely seamlessly.

And just as other interdisciplinary artists take immense pride in their finished products, these next-gen creatives showcase their workmanship so buyers are able to share in the creative experience, which is all documented in an interesting way with their own unique style.

And here he’s also just playing into the upcycling as well. He’s taken this Vivian Westwood bag, redoing it in his own kind of trademark style, and created something wholly unique.

Interdisciplinary artists who can move across their own original products and their own upcycled products and then document it well online are going to be the next generation of creatives.


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