Start Your Own Kitchenware Brand (+Factory)

Kitchenware is a product niche that's used on a daily basis. Take advantage of this and start your own kitchenware brand today. Learn how now | Product World

Kitchenware is a product niche that nobody thinks about, yet it’s full of products that everyone uses on a daily basis. Take advantage of this everyday niche and start your own kitchenware brand now.

From dinnerware to kettles, cutlery to pot holders, and milk jugs to serving trays, every home uses at least one of these items every day of the year. In addition, restaurants, fast food outlets, and even laser tag arenas that serve food need kitchenware in some form to serve their customers’ meals.

Watch my TikTok short on starting your own kitchenware brand below, or scroll to keep reading right here on the blog (factory link at the end):

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you decide to start your own brand. There are so many factories out there with good quality products in every niche.

For those that I share here on the blog and on my various other channels (see links at bottom of post), most of them are also the blanks factories for big brand names like Nike, Rimowa, and more. Today, we’re talking kitchenware, specifically the cutlery below.

This is one of those great factories that doesn’t specialize in one thing, but covers a whole range in the space. Everything from teapots to non-electric coffee pots and machines, to silverware and more.

Here’s some of the prices on this really gorgeous silverware…

  • You can get customized packaging at a MOQ of 200 pieces.
  • You can get your logo on it at a MOQ of 100 pieces.
  • Pricing when you’re getting up to 10K pieces is less than $1 per unit.

Now looking at the Turkish or Arabian gooseneck coffee or tea pots shown here.

For these kettle pots, here’s some pricing to guide you:

You can add your logo at a MOQ of 360 pieces.

They start at about $5-$6 apiece, depending on the side, and get down to $2.50 when you go to scale.

This is QZQ, a top-5 manufacturer in the coffee and bar tools niche. QZQ carries a 5-star rating for service, on-time delivery, and product quality.

Kitchenware is a product niche that's used on a daily basis. Take advantage of this and start your own kitchenware brand today. Learn how now | Product World

They also boast a ≤2h average response time to messages.

The factory shown above has a whole lot more to choose from, but from more than one home page on Alibaba. You can start with the link I’ve added below, or run a search query for “QZQ” on Alibaba.

Factory link:

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