Product Sourcing Mastery Beta

• You’ve been looking to launch a product, but don’t know who can make your idea.

• You’re willing to bet on yourself and build a brand, but want to make sure you pick the right partner.

• You want to order and launch your product, but don’t think you’ve covered all the bases.

• You know you want to launch a product, but haven’t found an idea that resonates.

• You’re building a brand, but are making it domestically or using a middleman and know you’re overpaying.

• You want to have the supply chain and product development skillset, but realized it’s hard to come across.

If you identify with any of the above, keep reading 👇


Introducing Product Sourcing Mastery

A comprehensive video and written course on accessing the global supply chain, and all the things you know to successfully launch physical products from domestic or international suppliers. 

This is a decade of my experience in consumer electronics, CPG, wellness and more, with overseas visits, factory tours, and tons of wins and failures, packed into one 20+ module course to help you succeed right away in making a differentiated product with a reliable partner.

What You’ll Get

When you enroll you get access to 3 things, all inclusive of the one-time signup fee: The course, a 1:1 with me, and then access to the community when it launches.


💡   Ideation: Techniques and strategies for making a product. Not everyone is struck my inspiration, even the best entrepreneurs need frameworks and methods for finding ideas.

🐼   Using Alibaba: Navigating the platform and picking vendors to try

🤐  Communication: A guide on how to successfully communicate and negotiate with overseas vendors and understand different cultural norms.

🏆  Sampling: Strategies for ordering samples, and a walkthrough of evaluating them once you get them.

💰   Building cost models: Learning how to calculate margin and profitability for your product, with both simple and advanced approaches.

🤩  Ordering checklist: Thinking through all of the things in the product experience with a checklist to ensure you know what to evaluate.

🤝  Partner business overviews: Learn about fulfillment centers, customs brokers, and factory inspectors, when and if you need them, with links to partners you can rely on.

🛍️ Building a line: How to think about your product plan holistically and cohesively.

🏭  Extensive factory links: Get links to a dozen vendors I’ve worked with directly, and tons more I’ve pre-selected as good fits across cpg, supplements, cosmetics, personal care, physical goods, fashion, jewelry, home goods and much more!


The Format:

Each of the 20+ sections has a video, with accompanying text with links and resources where applicable.  You’ll also get a template in spreadsheet format for your cost models, and another set of comprehensive links for partners and factories. 

PLUS, just in the beta.

  • Submit feedback and topics directly and we’ll do our best to add to the course as we prep the full launch
  • An included 30m 1:1 with me to walk through any questions or ideas.

I am capping this at 50 slots to make sure I have time to speak with everyone and get feedback in, so if you want it, act on it, and let’s build together!