Is this you?

• You’ve been looking to launch a product, but don’t know who can make your idea.
• You’re willing to bet on yourself and build a brand, but want to make sure you pick the right partner.
• You want to order and launch your product, but don’t think you’ve covered all the bases.
• You know you want to launch a product, but haven’t found an idea that resonates.
• You’re building a brand, but are making it domestically or using a middleman and know you’re overpaying.
• You want to have the supply chain and product development skillset, but realize it’s hard to come across.
If you identify with any of the above, keep reading 👇

Introducing Product Sourcing Mastery

A comprehensive video and written course on accessing the global supply chain, and all the things you know to successfully launch physical products from domestic or international suppliers. 

This is a decade of my experience in consumer electronics, CPG, wellness and more, with overseas visits, factory tours, and tons of wins and failures, packed into one 20+ module course to help you succeed right away in making a differentiated product with a reliable partner.

What You’ll Get

When you enroll you get access to 3 things:

  • The complete Product Sourcing Mastery video course (20+ videos!)
  • My Insider’s Guide to Private Label Jewelry – a sample project where you can follow along as I work with a designer, find a factory, communicate and place an order (5+ videos)
  • My Product Sourcing Toolkit – cost models, brief templates, factory links and more.


💡   Ideation: Techniques and strategies for making a product. Not everyone is struck by inspiration, even the best entrepreneurs need frameworks and methods for finding ideas.

🐼   Using Alibaba & Pietra: Navigating the platforms and picking vendors to try.

🤐  Communication: A guide on how to successfully communicate and negotiate with overseas vendors and understand different cultural norms.

🏆  Sampling: Strategies for ordering samples, and a walkthrough of evaluating them once you get them.

💰   Building cost models: Learning how to calculate margin and profitability for your product, with both simple and advanced approaches.

🤩  Ordering checklist: Thinking through all of the things in the product experience with a checklist to ensure you know what to evaluate.

🤝  Partner business overviews: Learn about fulfillment centers, customs brokers, and factory inspectors, when and if you need them, with links to partners you can rely on.

🛍️ Building a line: How to think about your product plan holistically and cohesively.

🏭  Extensive factory links: Get links to a dozen vendors I’ve worked with directly, and tons more I’ve pre-selected as good fits across CPG, supplements, cosmetics, personal care, physical goods, fashion, jewelry, home goods, coffee, beverages, sauces and much more!

Meet Other Builders Who’ve Been Helped by Oren & Product World :

I frequently sent your content back and forth over the last four months as we were learning about ecommerce ahead of launching our first physical product

And we successfully launched last Monday

Thank you for all you do!


Your strength is breaking down high level processes and simplifying them.

And it’s clear you love what you talk about.


The info you’ve been sharing has made this process 99% less intimidating than it would have been 3 months ago, so i salute you for that.


Extremely helpful in getting things off the ground coming from very little experience. Also, in our DM and email exchanges you were nothing short of generous with your time and knowledge!


Join today and start bringing your products to life!


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