Product Sourcing Mastery

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This course has  20+ videos, plus templates and links, to teach you how to bring a physical product to life in a thought-out, scalable way using Alibaba and similar platforms. Whether for you, your company, or your work, you’ll be setup to get something ready to sell for the rest of your life. We cover the process from start to finish – key terms, strategy, ideation, whitelabelling, timing, logistics, sampling, checklists and more.
I’ve been where you are, trying to figure out if you want to launch a product, or exactly how factories and supply chain work… am I smart enough to figure it out? How do I navigate Alibaba? What am I forgetting?
This Course Will Help You Understand Everything About Product Sourcing: A brand new LAUNCH EDITION version of the Product Sourcing Mastery Masterclass in more than 20 videos, accessible at your speed, forever.
You’ll get the blueprints for using Alibaba, communicating and negotiating with vendors, building your cost models, and successfully sourcing any kind of physical product.
In four comprehensive modules you will:
Learn how to pick a strategy, ideate on a product and sample
Even if you don’t know what you want to make or where your opportunity is
We’ll walk through discovery techniques, and ways to find and execute on sampling
Find the right factory for you.
You’ll identify the right vendor that will be a partner for you over time
You’ll have my checklist for picking the right partners, templates for outreach
and multiple videos on communication and negotiation to set off your project perfectly.
+ Special bonus list of dozen factories I have used before you can start with and know they’re legit…
+ A list of dozens of factory leads I’ve hand selected for niches I feel can succeed
Plan your complete product logistics experience
You’ll think through everything you need to work through from transportation, packaging, tagging, labelling i a comprehensive checklist
Plus we’ll break down all key terms you need to know, and talk through shipping logistics, and building out timing of working overseas
Set your business up for profitability
Cashflow time.
You’ll learn about trade assurance and ways to GUARANTEE if your product isn’t up to your standard you don’t lose money.
Most importantly, we’ll walk through a simple cost model to plan your product sales, and a more complex one for layering in fix costs to begin to think like a business.
(FYI: Nobody talks about all the components of margin and product costing. This is a big part of the business that we’ll break down for even the least accounting savvy people to understand.)
PLUS… you’ll get
  • My intangibles overview
    This course is mostly tactical, but product success is often a state of mind. We’ll walk through my personal ideation process that has lead to dozens of successful products, and we’ll think about brand cohesion and identity from the very beginning so we’re properly prepared for expansion

This is a beginner course designed for people who do not have extensive experience with Alibaba, Pietra etc.  If you’re already in deep and are looking for help, book a consult.