How to Launch a Brand Going Into 2023

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There has never been a better time than NOW to start your own business. Launch a brand going into 2023, whether it’s a physical good/product, SaaS, or an info-product:

  • A physical good/product could be anything that’s consumed, whether small-scale in domestic environments, or large-scale in factory environments.
  • SaaS (software as a service) refers to cloud-hosted applications in subscription-based software distribution models, for example Netflix, Amazon Web Services, and Spotify.
  • An info-product is a guide, tutorial, instruction, or manual that was put together by a more-knowledgeable person on a specific topic.

Let’s take a look.

Launch a Brand in 2023 in Just 8 Steps

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The eight steps listed here will guide you through the process of starting your own brand going in to 2023 in a logical order.

1. Curate Before You Launch a Brand

  • If you’re not a creator, begin making 3-5x weekly content pieces. Use Twitter, TikTok, and your blog to discuss your niche.
  • If you are already a creator, begin angling your content towards the demographic you plan to sell to to widen your audience. Add web content to your site.

But this doesn’t need to be huge… a pet blog with a few thousand readers and followers sets you up for better success.

The most important part of the curation and building before launch part is piece of mind.

  • Do you really want to believe you can pull your audience for your product out of thin air?
  • Or that you want to pay for all your acquisition?

Take your time, and build organically. 

If you don’t want to be a creator or build this audience… you can buy it.

  • Platforms like MicroAcquire and Flippa offer existing small businesses, blogs, etc. for sale that you can use to jumpstart this process in exchange for cash.

Sign up with @JamesonCamp for more on this! 

2. Document Your Process Online

  • Showcase making the brand itself – concepts, mood boards, logos, design iterations, making your website, etc.
  • Showcase the process of working with factories, vendors, etc. to finish the product.

This is an essential concept for new brands:

  • Continue it from before launch through new releases, collections, promotions, content etc.
  • Cover the process on all social media, broadcast to everyone you’re building in public.

If you missed my TikTok on this, you can catch it below:

3. Build Your Email List

  • Your call to action (CTA) on curation and documentation should always be email or SMS subscribers.
  • Your regular content to this list can be as simple as just aggregating the content you’re putting out in an email format with slightly more detail.

4a. Launch a Brand the Smart Way

This is all about making a “moment” where you get as much attention as possible

  • Post about when you plan to launch and tease it
  • Go Live on your best social media platform for the debut (and promote the live)
  • Email out to your audience with the launch 

Work with all your friends, influencers you may know or connect with, partners etc. to promote the Live and ideally join you and participate in it.

Document the event and make sure you get content pieces out of the launch, as well.

4b. Launch With Your Origin Story

  • Create an excellent brand origin story video from all your process documentation and use it at launch
  • Get all help and call in all favors for everyone to promote it
  • Do this on TikTok. 

Here’s examples of this video in different types of industries

If this isn’t the content TikTok was built for, I don’t know what is!

5. Document the Attention

Whether you are big or small, gather the stats from your launch – email opens, influencers that participated, video views, people on your Live, sales, website visits, whatever looks impressive, and put that in a presentation with your product info.

This is content for the deck you can use to:

  • Pitch media for articles
  • Pitch retailers to carry your products
  • Pitch other brands for collaborations

Continue to add to this with all the brand milestones and achievements so you always have collateral handy. 

6. Relentlessly Go Outbound

  • Cold email and connect via LinkedIn with local and national retailers.
  • Hit brands of a similar size or one level up to collaborate for media sources, etc.
  • List on Faire, and aggregation services for new products in your niche. 

7. Develop Content Series and Personalities

  • Establish recurring content ideas
  • Bring 1-4 personalities into your content that can put a face to the brand. Can be founders, team members, or hired creators. 

8. Repeat Your Message

Tell your story again and again in different ways.

  • I can’t stress enough that only a fraction of your followers (not to mention the world) see your content. However much you think you should post a message, the real number is 10x what you think. 

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